Tina Welther
Tina Welther

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Thai Yoga Massage Workshop

27th of April 2024

@ Studio ‚The Sanctuary‘, Munich

Discover the magic of Thai yoga massage in this transformative 3-hour workshop, where you will dive into the ancient art of loving-kindness. Learn about the modern approach to myofascial release, clear energy blockages, foster well-being, and understand the relationship between movement, fascia, and inner pathways. Designed for everyone, whether you are a yoga teacher or enthusiast, this workshop offers a beautiful reminder of the power of touch as an extension of our hearts.

What you’ll learn and receive:

Introduction to Thai Yoga Massage: Learn the basics of Thai yoga massage and touch—a practice rooted in giving, caring, and respect—starting with yourself and extending to others.

Explore the Sacred Dance: Learn about the ancient practice of Thai Massage and discover the modern approach of Myofascial release. Learn to clear energy blockages that may lead to disease, understanding the universe of fascia and its therapeutic connection to movement.

Connect with Meridians: Gain insight into our inner pathways and energetic highways, understanding the meridians and their significance in promoting holistic well-being.

Thai Yoga Massage

Hands-on Techniques: Acquire a toolkit of techniques so you can confidently share the gift of Thai yoga massage, whether as a yoga teacher or with your loved ones.

Whether you come solo or as a couple, this workshop is a gift to yourself and those you cherish. Whether you come with your partner or are paired up with a fellow participant, you will learn a complete sequence that you can share with your loved ones afterward.

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